Sweden, Colombia interested in Embraer’s KC- 390, says Brazilian minister

Brazilian Defense Minister Jose Mucio said late Thursday that countries similar as Sweden and Colombia had expressed interest in buying Embraer's(EMBR3.SA) KC- 390 military weight aircraft.

Mucio said he held nearly 20 bilateral meetings during the LAAD defense and security show this week and, in some of them, the KC- 390 was on the docket.

" Putatively, these deals need to be planned, studied and estimated, to have a source of backing, a guarantee. But the conception of the KC- 390 is veritably big with all the countries," he told Reuters.

" Sweden itself has talked about the KC- 390, others have also talked about it and it's a big success. Sweden was anticipated to give an answer and Colombia is also interested in making an accession," he added.

So far, the Brazilian Air Force has ordered 19 of the aircraft from Embraer.

In addition to Brazil, Portugal and Hungary have formerly acquired it, while the Netherlands named the aircraft last time for purchase.

before this week, Reuters reported, citing sources, that Austria was looking to advance in addresses with Embraer on copping four or five KC- 390 aircraft.

Embraer Defense CEO, Bosco da Costa Junior, told Reuters before this time the company aimed for further transnational deals, fastening especially on adding deals of the KC- 390.

In a new interview at LAAD on Wednesday, Costa Junior reiterated that" several countries" were in addresses for possible purchases of the freighter, although he didn't specify which bones.

Mucio said the instrument of the weight aircraft by the NATO Western military alliance could open doors in the European request and others.

" The product in Portugal is important because it formerly meets NATO'spre-requisites," he said, explaining that manufacturing the aircraft in Brazil to vend in Europe doesn't meet some NATO conditions.