Sweden players had to show their genitalia at 2011 Women’s World Cup, says Nilla Fischer

Sweden’s players had to “ show their genitalia for the croaker” at the 2011 Women’s World Cup to prove they were women, the platoon’s centre- reverse Nilla Fischer has revealed.

Writing in her new book – I Did n’t Indeed Say Half Of It – Fischer – who played 194 times for Sweden, described the process, which was conducted by a womanish physiotherapist on behalf of the croaker, as “ humiliating ”.

The gender tests were carried out around the 2011 event in Germany after demurrers from Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana relating to allegations that the tropical Guinea team included men.

“ We were told that we shouldn’t shave ‘ down there ’ in the coming days and that we will show our genetalia for the croaker, ” Fischer writes. “ No bone understands the thing about paring but we do as we’re told and suppose ‘ how did it get to this? ’ Why are we forced to do this now, there has to be other ways to do this. Should we refuse?

“ At the same time no bone wants to jeopardise the occasion to play at a World Cup. We just have to get the shit done no matter how sick and humiliating it feels. ”

In an interview with the Swedish review Aftonbladet, Fischer detailed the process in further depth. “ I understand what I’ve to do and snappily pull down my training pants and undergarments at the same time, ” she said. “ The physio nods and says ‘ yup ’ and also looks out at the croaker who’s standing with his reverse to my doorway. He makes a note and moves on in the corridor to knock on the coming door.

“ When everyone on our platoon is checked, that’s to say, has exposed their vagina, our platoon croaker
can subscribe that the Swedish women’s public football platoon consists only of women. ”

Asked how it felt, Fischer said “ We had a veritably safe terrain in the platoon. So it was presumably the stylish terrain to do it in. But it’s an extremely strange situation and overall not a comfortable way to do it.”

Two weeks before the 2011 World Cup began, Fifa issued its current gender recognition programs, which bear brigades to subscribe a protestation guaranteeing that players chosen for the World Cup are “ of an applicable gender ”. Those rules state that “ It lies with each sharing member association to insure the correct gender of all players by laboriously probing any perceived divagation in secondary coitus specific.”

However it’s unclear why Sweden’s players were given a physical test when a buccal tar test – a cheap andnon-intrusive way to collect DNA from the cells on the inside of a person’s impertinence and determine a person’s coitus – has been used extensively for decades.

In 2011, Mats Börjesson, said the gender tests took place after Fifa demanded immediate testing when rumours began circulating about there being manly players on Equatorial Guinea’s platoon.

“ Fifa does n’t do this to be mean to anyone, ” he said. “ The sports world has tried to produce fairness for girls so that they do n’t train their whole lives and also someone comes in with an unreasonable advantage. ”

In a statement Fifa said it had “ taken note of recent commentary made by Nilla Fischer around her gests and gender verification testing conducted by the Swedish public platoon at the 2011 Women’s World Cup”.