Sweden to stretch harlotry like any other service

The trade of sexual services, which unlike the purchase of similar services is legal in Sweden, is to be tested like any other service, the Swedish duty Agency said in a statement on Monday.

In Sweden, it’s legal to vend sexual services but illegal to buy them as harlotry is considered a form of violence against women and is regulated through a unique legal frame known as the “ Swedish or Nordic Model. ”

“ We must misbehave with the duty laws that the congress decides on. There’s no room for interpretation of the law, ” the Swedish duty Agency said in a statement published on its website Monday, noting that it should be tested like any other trade of services.

“ Anyone who has income from the trade of sexual services is fairly obliged to declare the income in their duty return and can pay their duty to their duty account. It’s possible to pay the duty continuously during the duty time or in connection with the submission of the duty return ”, it adds.

This approach aims to address the power imbalance essential in harlotry and cover individualities vulnerable to exploitation. The law also includes vittles for supporting individualities who wish to exit the coitus assiduity, offering them access to social services and backing.

While the agency made it clear that duty scores also bound hookers, it also expressed “ sympathy and understanding ” for their plight, adding that it understands that those who have income from this type of exertion may find themselves in a vulnerable situation and that it “ may be delicate to misbehave with the laws on taxation of income from services, especially given the felonious nature of the buyers ’ conduct ”.

Harlotry falls within the governance of individual EU member countries, meaning they decide how to regulate or criminalise the colorful affiliated conditioning.